This month is not an easy one energetically for us as we feel our lives entering chaotic moments and situations, we may feel scattered with our attention divided into many areas at once. 

The lesson here is to find the balance and strength you know you have within to stride ahead!
Many of us have accepted extra work and challenges in this time, which has left us feeling slightly overwhelmed trying to stay on top of things.

The secret is not to rush through but to slow down!

Time is merely our own creation and an illusion in the truth of this reality,
calm things down a notch and find the mindfulness within your present moment.

Mindfulness and balance is going to be our best friends!

As we enter April we must also find the patience with ourselves and others, 
life can be hectic at times and many are trying their very best to keep on track. 

And so the lightcode channelled for the month holds the frequencies of patience and balance,

to assist us in gliding through all our plans with grace and ease.

Know that you all have the inner strength to get through your challenges my loves and trust in your ability and dedication to succeed. 

Sip peppermint and chamomile tea, 

include ginger and turmeric in this time to assist in grounding your mind, body and soul into the present moment.

I know well all get through it together.

may you all find the patience and balance within



The professionally downloadable print is available in my new

monthly medicine subscription.


How will you use the lightcode you ask?

Every monthly email includes instructions on how to work with the lightcodes energies

Its very simple! 

All that is required is a few minutes of your time!!!




I hope you enjoy working the medicine of lightcodes and embracing this ritual into your daily practise.


We are our own greatest healers

I have created this offering as i want you all to have access  to the tools
in creating your own destiny & walking your highest path. 

Always in love,

Ha'vanah xx


hope bramald