As we enter the month of march we are being asked energetically to ground our roots to Divine Mama Earth so that we may anchor and bring clarity to our emotional intelligence.

Spirit speaks through our sacred heart, the seat of our emotions

When balanced and aligned we may anchor what is being called to come through and ground this into our lives bringing us greater joy, happiness and peace knowing we are following the right path. 

Virgo reflects and embraces our healer within, calling us to connect with our spirit and anchor it to Gaia so that we may walk lighter, brighter and with star clarity for our future visions. 


To embrace the virgo energies and ground, find your own rituals that may include the medicine of 




to assist you on the day to day,

ie. have a salt bath, swim in the ocean, take your meditation practise outside, plant & care for your garden, eat root vegetables.


This full moon calls us to establish strong foundations in our lives, setting structures that will withstand the test of times in your passions and projects, the projects or things that you put your effort and focus on now will reap the greatest rewards in the future. 


This lightcode has been channelled to assist you in embodying and anchoring your spirit.



The professionally downloadable print is available in my new

monthly medicine subscription.


How will you use the lightcode you ask?

Every monthly email includes instructions on how to work with the lightcodes energies

Its very simple! 

All that is required is a few minutes of your time!!!




I hope you enjoy working the medicine of lightcodes and embracing this ritual into your daily practise.


We are our own greatest healers

I have created this offering as i want you all to have access  to the tools
in creating your own destiny & walking your highest path. 

Always in love,

Ha'vanah xx





hope bramald