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Ha'vanah offers healing lightcodes as graphically designed logos to channel and bring forth the energy & blessings desired for your tribe, collective or business.  

- This includes calling in all soul contracts made before incarnating

- Invites all new soul contracts that wish to be formed

- Calling & anchoring your highest presence

- A light language mantra, to assist in healing and shifting any energies that may feel stuck, resitant and unflowing, bringing grace and ease to the flow of abundance

- lightcode logo will be sent in .ai .pdf vector & .png for use 

across all platforms. 

- The file will be sent in up to 3 colours of your choice

- Creation time is approx 3 weeks


A full surrendering is asked for this process as i cannot control or alter what is symbolically asking to be anchored as your sacred lightcode.

Once you have placed your order i will reach out via email before creating.


Please message for further details


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