Terms of Service


Please read and understand the terms of use, and the information below, prior to placing your order with Ha'vanah Star. 




- Crystals and Minerals sold through this site are under no circumstances intended for use in making elixirs or any other method of ingestion. The crystals and minerals in their raw form are for decorative display only. Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling raw crystals and minerals.

- Any crystal and mineral purchased through this site should not be cut, sanded or altered in anyway as certain minerals contain copper, aluminum, iron, etc.

- The properties assigned to the crystals/minerals and symbols in this shop are metaphysical in nature and is not intended for healing or curing medical ailments. It is not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment.

- Keep all crystals and minerals out of reach of children.

- Ha’vanah Star is not to be held responsible for any damages whatsoever from handling, use or misuse of any one of our crystals, minerals or products.


- Notification email systems are in place as a courtesy and are sent out only on occasion when a larger availability of items are available or at the discretion of Ha'vanah Star.

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